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Sizov Oleg Vladimirovich


Due to the fact that any construction of a refinery with the maximum possible oil processing depth producing the complete range of high-quality engine fuels and petrochemical products requires enormous capital investments, refineries are constructed in several workflow stages. Each workflow stage implies the organization of a complete production cycle and shipment of a certain range of oil products of agreed quality to consumers. This is the development mode chosen by Ao Gazprom Zarubezhneftegaz Refinery.

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1st start-up complex of the III workflow stage:

1st Start-Up Complex of the III Workflow Stage (Completed in January 2014)

Taking into consideration the scale of the III workflow stage objectives its construction is being carried out in several start-up complexes, first of which has been completed in January 2014 and second – in October 2015.


processing depth


Diesel Fuel

200 ha

Refinery's area



23 КМ

Railway length

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