Operating activities of Gazprom Zarubezhneftegaz within the boundaries of specially protected natural reservations are subject exclusively to fulfillment of license agreements for subsoil use.

To implement the basic principles of preserving the ethnos, the Company ensures achievement of the following goals and the solution of the following tasks:

  • minimize the number and area of industrial sites and infrastructure facilities through implementation of the best technologies for exploration, production and transportation of oil and gas;
  • minimize the negative impact on the environment, reducing emissions, effluents and waste, eliminating a man-made impact outside the areas designated for industrial facilities;
  • eliminate the presence and movement of equipment and personnel outside the boundaries of industrial sites and facilities designated for this purpose without proper authorization;
  • arrange field operations to survey areas of proposed location of industrial sites for the presence of ethno-archeological and ethnographic objects, and if any, transfer production facilities outside the area, according to technological capabilities;
  • ensure subsequent restoration of original natural functions of the territory, including resource capacities that preserve a traditional way of life and industries of the indigenous people, through a detailed survey of the areas of proposed location of industrial sites and consideration of ecosystem functions at the design stage;
  • supervise observance of the code of conduct by employees working within boundaries of SPNR.

To preserve ethnic communities and their culture, the Company adheres to the following principles when carrying out production activities in the territory of residence of the indigenous peoples of the North:

  • understanding and respect for the traditions, customs and rituals forming a major part of the culture of the indigenous peoples;
  • taking into account the experience and continuous improvement of the system of relations with the small-numbered indigenous peoples of the North;
  • immediate reporting to the Indigenous Peoples Affairs Department of Land Use Division, Environmental Safety and Management Division of Gazprom Zarubezhneftegaz in the event of misunderstanding, threat of conflict or violation of the established requirements;
  • conflict resolution and miscommunication clearing up through discussion and negotiation;
  • prohibition of conflicts between the employees of Gazprom Zarubezhneftegaz and the indigenous people;
  • ensuring privacy of the small-numbered indigenous peoples of the North;
  • adherence to environmental standards and requirements.

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